Piaza at the Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi, Italy

Piazza at the Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi, Italy



How to start the process of inquiring:


1. Contact us either through the website by calling us at 662-392-3000.

2. Complete the online Initial Inquiry Personal Survey.

3. Once your initial personal inventory is received, Fr. Greg will call you and set up a time to meet with you, either by a personal visit or setting up a Zoom meeting. (Don’t worry about the details, as he will take care of all of that).  If it is determined that you meet the criteria, you will be invited you to a Come and See weekend.

4. If the Come and See weekend is a favorable experience, you will be invited to set-up a process for further discernment. This process varies for each candidate, depending on one’s personal situation, educational preparation, location and availability.

5. After your time of discernment and meeting other friars, you may wish to begin  a formal application to enter in to the Postulancy Program. This application will conclude with an appointment before the Board of Admissions.

7. The Board of Admissions would recommend you to begin formal formation into the Franciscan way of life as a postulant.





Fr. Jerome Wolbert, OFM

Fr. Jerome Wolbert, OFM, guardian of Holy Dormition Byzantine Friary in Sybertsville, PA and pastor of St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Parish in Hazleton, PA