Join the Journey

If you would like to help the Friars in their work to serve all people in need, you may make your contribution by printing the form below, filling it out and sending it along with your contribution to the Development Office. Or, we offer the convenience of being able to help us with credit card contributions.

Whatever your contribution, know we are grateful for your help. Thank you



DONATING MADE EASY: Text2Give number: (414) 404-5800

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Helping Those In Need

The Franciscan Friars wish to meet the challenges of peace and justice that are so apparent in today’s world. Supporters of the Friars wish to feel part of these efforts in some way.

It is the Development Office’s Mission to make that wish come true! There are so many ways to help with Franciscan causes.

When you contribute towards the work of the Friars, you reach into a corner of the world to touch another human being. You can help spread healing and peace.

These and all the Franciscan Ministries matter, and your support keeps them alive. You provide the hammer and nails that help the Friars build peace. The Assumption BVM Province Development Office is located in
Franciscan Friars ABVM Provincial Office
9230 W. Highland Park Avenue
Franklin, WI 53132
414-525-9253 ext 238


Planned Giving

You can help ensure that ministries to aid the poor and disenfranchised will continue to thrive for years to come. Gifts can be structured to meet your needs and those of your family.

One way to make a gift that will be appreciated in years to come, is through a bequest. By including the Franciscan Friars in your will, you ensure that your life values are reflected upon your death.

Another gift that can be planned to meet the needs of both benefactor and charity, is a charitable reminder trust.(where the donor’s interest in a trust are retained until death, when they pass to the charity) or the retention of a life estate on a parcel of property that has been deeded to the Friars.

Additionally, naming the Friars as the beneficiary of a new or an existing life insurance policy, is a way of extending your stewardship after your death. This is an ideal way for people who are not of great means to make a significant contribution.

For more information on what to consider as you begin to plan your estate, go to the web site What is Planned Giving. This web site will give you some idea of the philosophy and why planned giving is important. The web site is just to provide information. It is our wish to speak with you personally on this matter by calling Patricia Bergerson 414.525.9253 x238, Email: Many planned gifts have positive tax benefits to the benefactor. Talk to your attorney or financial planner.