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Lent 2017 Appeal for Our Students

It seems like we no sooner take down Christmas trees and decorations, and return to our ordinary daily schedules, when we begin to see the signs and symbols of Lent, and the hope of Easter and spring.

Our Franciscan Province of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province holds fast to two priorities: to care for our senior Friars who ministered hard and long to faithfully serve the church, the people of God; and the formation and education of our younger Friars who are our hope and future, the men who will serve the people of God and will lead the Order of Friars Minor (Francscans) into the future.

These young men have chosen lives in service fo the Gospel and the mission of the Church in our world. They will serve you, your family for many years to come. They are the hope and future of the Church we love.

Soon after we welcomed the new year of 2017, forty-four young men, who are presently involved i the three stages of Initial Franciscan Formation, (postulant, novice, post-novitiate) throughout the United States, gathered for four days, with their formation directors. They prayed, reflected and continued their discenment on God's call to serve the Church.

I'm writing to you today asking your generous support for these young men and for four formation program. Training and educating these young men to serve as Franciscan friars in rewarding beyond words, ut as you know, their training comes with great expense. There are the costs of educating, feeding, and sheltering these young men, as well as the costs of maintaiing our Novitiate.

Over the past couple of years we have presented to you our Senior Friars, who continue to serve the church and the Franciscans through the ministry of prayer. WIth this letter, I would like to present to you our younger friars: our men in initial formation.

As you have generously helped us in the care of our faithful servants, our senior friars, I'm praying you will consider helping us educate and form the young men, the hope and future of Franciscans in the United States.

Hold all of us in your prayers, especially these young men.

They carry you in their hearts and promise you their prayers. Their lives of ministry, service, and Gospel witness will be their lasting gift back to you in thanksgiving for your support.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our Franciscan ministries. May 2017 be filled with hope, good health and peace.

Peace and all Good!

Fr. James G,.. Ganon OFM
Provincial Minister


P.S. Pleas be assured that our Friars pray each day for the intentions and needs of our benefactors. I ask your prayers for the young men in our formation programs and those entrusted with their education and training. They are hope for the Church and light for the world. I thank God for you who so generously support our future Franciscan priests and brothers by supporting and sustaining our formation program.