Working Toward a New Entity

Recently, there had been an extensive, three year process between the Assumption BVM Province and St. John the Baptist Province. While this process did not result in any changes, it did provide an impetus to broaden the dialogue to include other entities in the United States. A committee was formed which invited all the provinces to "Come to the Table.

This invitation was accepted and the table was set at the August 2014 meeting of all the US Provinces and their Boards in Racine, Wisconsin.

This page will provde the communications provided by the Executive Secretary of the English Speaking Conference on the progress of the project.

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Letter of the
Provincials 2014

Four page newsletter of the Spring Meeting of the ESC held in Lithuania

A thorough report of the work of the Interprovincial meeting, August 2014
News Release, October 2014, giving names of the new team working toward 2017 decisions.

Information about the ESC meeting in October 2014