Greetings! Pace e Bene!

I'm Fr. Michael Surufka, OFM, Vocation Director of the Franciscan friars of this province. 

Are you beginning to seriously discern your calling? You may be heartened by the experience of our founder, St. Francis of Assisi. As a young man, St. Francis of Assisi struggled with his vocation and the direction of his life.  He had many opportunities and several losses in his youth.  He began to ask questions from down deep inside.

He often retreated to out-of-the-way places to pray from his heart, “God, who are you?  And who am I?”  While at the little tumble-down chapel of San Damiano he asked God, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”  And God gradually showed him!

As followers of St. Francis of Assisi, we “Franciscan Friars” – priests and brothers – also have had our questions about our vocation.  Asking questions is good – just like St. Francis did. His questions were honorable and sincere, just like yours. The signs of a mature individual coming to terms with his calling

Perhaps you are learning as a disciple of Jesus Christ – sincerely asking questions is honored by God and brings us along on the path of our calling. Prophetic, Fraternal, Franciscan.

I am here for you.

Fr. Michael Surufka, OFM
Director of Vocations
St. Bonaventure House
2339 W. Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60612
Cell: (216) 224.4598
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