Contributions from the Committee on the Year of Consecrated Life -- Fr. John Cella, Chair

#3 February 2015

Dear Friars,

AS you know, we continue to celebrate with the religious throughout the world and country.  Fr. Kim and Fr. Ed have put together some prayer services that might be of use for your own prayer in community and for gatherings you may have. (See left side bar for links)

Recently, Archbishop Listecki had a Mass for all religious at Holy Hill (a Carmelite community).  A few hundred religious attended the gathering, including some of our own friars.

On February 8th, the friars of Queen Of Peace Friary  will have an Open House for anyone to spend some time with the friars.

In the Spring, Bishop Hying will have a Mass for all religious in the Diocese of Gary.  A number of our friars plan to attend it.

On February 22nd, the friars of SS Francis and Clare Friary will host an open house for people in the area, followed by some refreshments and the presentation of the video on the province by Fr. Paul Reczek.

If you are planning any event, please let us know.

Thank you.

 #2 December 2014

Dear Friars,


As we move into this year of Consecrated Life, we want to offer some suggestions, ideas and thoughts as to how we can celebrate, rejoice and share our vocation with our brothers and sisters.


Brothers, sometimes we need to awaken ourselves to recall the enthusiasm of our own early beginnings and to re-light that fire, that desire to witness to the world in a prophetic way.

  • Are there things that we can do to re-awaken ourselves and our brothers????

  • Can we find ways to celebrate our vocation, even with perhaps, some of the scars and pains of our experiences?

  • Can we find a way to rejoice and be glad?????

On February 8th, 2016, throughout the country, religious houses are asked to open their doors with tours, open houses, receptions, family activities and presentations on our religious life. You need to plan for an event like this now.

  • Is there a way for your community, your friary to have an event on February 8th maybe invite some people to your friary for a prayer service, for a meal or light snacks.

  • Can you find a way to share our life with our brother and sisters on February 8th?

  • Can we write a letter to our families and tell them of the joy of our vocation and to ask them to pray for us and for future vocations?

  • Maybe invite the clergy in the area to come for evening prayer and supper on February 8th?

Each month, we will be including reflection questions, prayer and thoughts. We are even including a copy of a song that was written for this special year. Maybe you and the friars would like to learn to sing it and to use it on occasion, especially if you have the opportunity to be with lay people in a prayer service. The song is found on the next page.

We do ask that if you are planning any special event or program either in your own community or you are planning to participate in a diocesan or religious event during this year, please let us know so that we can share it with the other friars.

Already we have received word that the Carmelites in the Diocese of Gary will be hosting a celebration for the Religious of the Diocese with our new Bishop, Don Hying in 2016.


John Cella and Evangelization Committee

#1 November 2014

Dear Friars,
This month we begin to celebrate THE YEAR OF CONSECRATED LIFE – “Wake UP THE WORLD”
Periodically, we will be sending you some information about the Year of Consecrated Life.

 Attached to this email are copies of the Logo for the year along with a copy of the flyer “consecrated life though the ages.

Why Celebrate this Year of Consecrated Life?

  1. Celebrate with JOY the adaptations of religious life to the Second Vatican Council
  2. Consecrated Life has followed a fruitful path of renewal
  3. Show the world with strength and joy the holiness and vitality that are present in consecrated life.
  4. But certainly not without difficulties and struggles
  5. Why????

50 year anniversary of Perfectae  Caritatis --   Octobber 28, 1965

Goals of year of consecrated life:

  1. reclaim the joy of our vocation
  2. share the joy of our vocation with the world
  3. invite others to share in our joy

Roman Events:

  1. plenary assembly of the CICL-SAL
  2. international conference on the theology of consecrate life based on theme of Renewal of Consecrated Life in the light of the Council and future prospects
  3. Symposium on the management of the economic goods and the property of religious institutes

Roman Documents:
  1. Revision of Mutuae Relationes – document on the relations between bishops and religious worldwide
  2. Instruction, Verbi Sponsa – deals with the autonomy of cloistered nuns.
  3. Life and mission of religious

Management of the property of religious congregations and present guidelines

 Rejoice – A message from the teachings of Pope Francis:

CICL-SAL – A letter to consecrated men and women in preparation for the year dedicated to Consecrated Life

We are sending out copies of this letter to the friaries.  If anyone would like a personal copy, please contact me at 414-427-0570  or at the friary.

John Cella