Provincial Chapter 2014
Provincial Chapter 2014



+Fr. Robert Konkol, OFM

Fr. Robert Konkol died suddenly November 10, 2014. His most recent assignment has been Assumption Parish, Pulaski, WI. >>MORE


The Province benefits from the leadership of many friars. This includes the Provincial Minister, Provincial Vicar, and board. In addition, each fraternity has a friar who is to serve the friars in their search for holiness and wholness. Every year they gather for time for reflection and shainrg. >>More

Feel Called?

Being a Franciscan priest or brother is not for everyone. First, there has to be a prompting of the heart by God to enjoy prayer and religion. Also, there needs to be an enjoyment of people. >>More

The Vatican Synod

The Synodal Assembly in Rome took will place from the 7th to the 28th of October 2014 on the theme of the family. Read the final document produced at this gathering. . >>More

Year of Consecrated Life

Pope Francis proclaimed 2015 a Year of Consecrated Life, starting on the First Sunday of Advent, the weekend of November 29, 2014, and ending on February 2, 2016, the World Day of Consecrated life. Its purpose, as stated by the Vatican is to “make a grateful remembrance of the recent past” while embracing “the future with hope.” >>More



This is a publication of the Franciscan (OFM) Order issued by the Office of Communications, Rome, Italy. Read the November, 2014 (Issue 217) edition. >>MORE