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We are Franciscans, brothers embraced by Mystery which shapes our trust in God and one another. God's Providence has sustained our ministries, made us resilient, and freed us to be open to change. This freedom fosters our unique commitment as a Roman and Byzantine Catholic community to re-shape OFM life in response to the changes in our churches and world.

The joy of the Gospel urges us to the periphery, where God's love impels us to invite others to the experience of Christ's mercy and forgiveness.

+Fr. Carl Graczyk
Posted November 7, 2018


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Latest News From the Provincial's Office

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Revitalization and Restructuring of the Order in the USA
Posted May 2, 2017

The US Franciscans have been working for years on the project of merging provinces. To read the philosophical and theological values for the reasons for coming together click here.


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Future Franciscans


US Franciscans

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The Franciscan fraternity of nearly 90 priests and brothers is the Assumption Province. Enjoying a bi-ritual identity of Roman and Byzantine Catholic, the friars of the province engage in many forms of work as it fosters the growth of the Kingdom of God in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. Run your mouse over a picture to view a larger image..


Francis Affelt, OFM
Rene Barczak, OFM
Paul Belco, OFM
Emmanuel Bialoncyk, OFM
Andrew Brophy, OFM
Hilary Brzezinski, OFM
James Carroll, OFM
John Cella, OFM
Anthony Chojnacki, OFM
Lyle Chrobak, OFM
Anthony Cirignani, OFM
David Dodge, OFM
Stephen Dupuis, OFM
James Esser, OFM
Anthony Gancarz, OFM
James Gannon, OFM
Patrick Gawrylewski, OFM
Andrew Giba, OFM
Terence Gorski, OFM
Carl Graczyk, OFM
Gregory Havel, OFM
Leslie Hoppe, OFM
Camillus Janas, OFM
Laurian Janicki, OFM
Anthony Janik, OFM
Lawrence Janowski, OFM
John Kapitan, OFM
David Kelly, OFM
James Kendzierski, OFM
Bernard Kennedy, OFM
Maxwell Klug, OFM
Henry Kolbok, OFM
James Krasman, OFM
Justin Kwietniewski, OFM
Andre LeMay
Reynold Lesnar, OFM
Myron Lowisz, OFM
Thomas Luczak, OFM
Jude Lustyk, OFM
Stephen Malkiewicz, OFM
Michael May, OFM
Patrick McCormack, OFM
Joseph Moliari, OFM
Austin Mysliewicz, OFM
Mario Nagy, OFM
Augustine Paulik, OFM
Gregory Plata, OFM
Gerald Prusakowski, OFM
John Puodziunas, OFM
Warren Rector, OFM
Paul Reczek, OFM
Randall Roberts, OFM
Peter Rydza, OFM
Everard Scesney, OFM
Kevin Schroeder, OFM
Carmen Scuderi, OFM
Robert Sembrat, OFM
Vianney Sipulski, OFM
Anthony Skurla, OFM
DePaul Sobotka, OFM
William Stout, OFM
Placid Stroik, OFM
Joachim Studwell, OFM
Leonard Stunek, OFM
Michael Surufka, OFM
Joachim Swarick, OFM
Adam Szufel, OFM
Joel Szydlowski, OFM
Conrad Targonski, OFM
Edward Tlucek, OFM
Richark Tulko, OFM
David Typek, OFM
Didacus Weber, OFM
Euegen Wegner, OFM
Jason Welle, OFM
Melvin Wierzbicki, OFM
Craig Wilking, OFM
DeSales Wisniewski, OFM
Thomas Wojciechowski, OFM
Jerome Wolbert, OFM
Brendan Wroblewski, OFM
Sergius Wroblewski, OFM
Finian Zaucha, OFM