A Roman/Byzantine Catholic Community of Religious Men Following St. Francis of Assisi

NEWSbriefs for
January 20, 2014


St. John Parish hosts icon; Formation News; JPIC Corner; Provincial Visitation schedule; Thanksgiving in Sybertsville; Franciscan Forum X; Novices wish Merry Christmas.

BecomeLESS, the newsletter from the Office of Vocations of the Assumption Province is available for reading.

NEWSbriefs for
February 20, 2014

A Sister's tribute to Br. Mark Zapczynski; JPIC Corner, March for Life 2014; An Invitation; Interprovincial Retreat; Possible Restructuring in the News; Greenwood Field Trip.

NEWSbriefs for March 21, 2014

Lenten Revival in Greenwood, MS (pictured above)Back in print; Texas Valley Friars March; Brother Aiden Peter, jr; JPIC Corner



NEWSbriefs for April 14, 2014

Assumption BVM Archives; Earth Day 2014 Resource; Second in the City; Faith Formation Center Dedication; Friars Take Message to Michigan (pictured above); JPIC Corner; Secular Franciscan Encouraged.